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I started working on my second project for the lausocial class, where I should interview three people of different ages about the use of new media in their life. I will start by Ziad Al-ghafir a 19 years old student, Rayan a 26 years old graduate, and Dr. Mahmoud Tarabay a communication arts teacher in his mid 40s. Those are the question that am going to ask my three interviewees.

1-     For how long do you spend time using new media? Why?

 2-     Do you think that new media use is essential for everyday life? How?

 3-     When was the last time you bought a new media device? And for what reasons?

 4-     If you were asked to stop using new media for a month, how can you describe this experience?

 5-     All through our life a new media devices and inventions are fashioned up, if you have the chance to invent a new media instrument what would it be?

Session 10A of the Arab Pop Culture Conference

Three presentations during the session were supposed to be covered, but for some reasons the third presenter didn’t show up “Luisa Gandolfo from the INSTITUTE FOR MIDDLE EASTERN & ISLAMIC STUDIES”.

The first presentation “Features of Online Stories in the Gulf” presented By Nele Lenze from University of OSLO.

The second presentation “Relationship between Satellite TV and the Phone in Egypt” presented By Iman Hamam from the AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO.

I didn’t enjoy the session; it was boring and disappointing to me because the speakers didn’t attract the audience attention. They presented their speeches seated with no reaction with the audience.

The conference room was not fully attended, a few people have attended the session, I think low attendance would make it more interesting since we can listen clearly and get closer to the screen with less noise.

Nele Lenze used power point for her presentation, but she kept seated and reading her prepared text from the paper, which make her presentation boring. In addition, to her low voice tone of reading make it worse. I think she didn’t attract the viewer’s attention with such action. Despite no one of the audiences will remember her speech and what information she gave and I ‘am one of them.

Iman Hamam Also used a power point presentation with some YouTube videos for supporting her presentation. Iman used a funny and sarcastic tone all through her speech, she attracted the audience with her tone and the videos she showed, but not for long time coz the audience started to lose their interest. While I was looking around to the audience one of them was looking at the daily tribune newspaper, I think he was more interested in the Paper than Hamam speech.

I did love the idea of live coverage and posting what’s happening via twitter and Scribble, but I really didn’t enjoy the session, where the speakers make it hard for me to follow them and enjoy what they are presenting.

At the end of Hamam’s presentation one of the audience asked her a question but she kept on asking him to raise his voice and talk in English instead of his Tunisian language, but the man was French educated… so I felt he lost the interest of asking the question. Dr. Maluf the chairman of Communication Arts at LAU, got extremely mad from Iman he felt that her way of reaction with the man was sarcastic, and she didn’t even gave him an answer.

Dr. Maluf is responsible for putting together the Conference and bringing over the speakers. That’s why he felt the need to comment on her sarcasm. So he told her that he didn’t appreciate her attitude towards the questions and that she was disrespectful.

I think she didn’t mean to be disrespectful; it’s just that she deals with things in a funny sarcastic way, it’s just her personality!

There was low engagement I think if we were not enough interested in the session, people outside wont be interested.

Live coverage is an interesting thing to do, especially when you are really into the subject being presented so that the posts would be more interesting and meaningful, where we also can post pictures and videos live. Through all that we can inform people who can’t attend of what’s going on inside the session.

I was able to post a number of posts during the coverage, but I think if the speakers mad it more interesting I’ve could post in a better manner. Despite that I couldn’t live post images since I’ve got technical problems with my laptop.

Here are some images from the session.

Lenze Presentation

Iman Hamam during her speech


The bored man!!

Dr. Ramez Maluf during the Debate.

The Department of Communication Arts and LAU’s Institute for Media Training and Research have set a conference for 3 days with lots of sessions from April 21 till April 23, talking about Arab pop culture. Alot of issues will be tackled such as religion, music, cinema, internet, gender, and literature. The session i will be covering contains three parts, the first presentation talk’s about Features of Online Love Stories  in the Gulf, By: Nele Lenze. the second presentation will be about Relationship Between Satellite TV and he Phone in Egypt, By Iman Hamam. The last presentation will be covering Pride vs. Prejudice.. By Luisa Gandolfo. so if your interested follow me for live coverage @amneah on (

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